Woman’s Blues by Laura Nyro

Happy International Women’s Day!

Taken from the album Eli And The Thirteenth Confession

Nan Goldin  - Misty and Jimmy Paulette in a taxi, NYC

Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi) by Saint Etienne

Misty and Jimmy Paulette in a taxi, NYC 1991 by Nan Goldin

This is a large colour photograph of two drag queens known as Misty and Jimmy Paulette. Goldin has photographed them close-up, sitting next to each other inside a taxi. They stare directly at Goldin’s camera, aimed at them from the taxi’s front seat. The camera’s flash has illuminated and accentuated their heavy makeup and shiny clothes. Goldin first encountered drag queens in 1972 and quickly became obsessed. She explained:

"I was eighteen and felt like I was a queen too … they became my whole world. Part of my worship of them involved photographing them. I wanted to pay homage, to show them how beautiful they were. I never saw them as men dressing up as women, but as something entirely different - a third gender that made more sense than either of the other two. I accepted them as they saw themselves; I had no desire to unmask them with my camera.”

Taken from the album The Sound Of Water

Cry by Money Mark

Beatles fan at Comiskey Park, Chicago. 20th August 1965.

Taken from the album Mark’s Keyboard Repair


Drunken Butterfly by Sonic Youth

Damien Hirst likes butterflies.

In and Out of Love was Damien Hirst’s first solo exhibition in London in 1991. In a particularly humid room in Soho, he hung large white canvasses on which were glued butterfly pupae, ready to hatch. Emerging butterflies flew around the room, feeding on sugar water, rotting fruit and flowers before, with luck, mating and laying eggs for the next cycle of life.

Taken from the album Dirty

Rainbows over East London [Monday 10th February 2014]

Rainbows over East London [Monday 10th February 2014]


Batches & Cookies by Lizzo

NORFOLK, Mass. - A lunch lady  was charged Monday after allegedly threatening to shoot up the middle school where she worked as head cook because a co-worker was over-cooking her cookies.

Wendy Ferris, 46, was charged with threatening to commit a crime after the assistant superintendent of King Phillip Schools contacted police to say Ferris had become upset about a co-worker re-baking cookies that she had made. Ferris denies making the alleged threats, according to her attorney.

According to a police report, Ferris allegedly told the cafeteria manager at the school, “I’m thinking about going out to buy an AK-47 and shooting this (expletive) school up!”  

Taken from the single Batches & Cookies

Archangel by Burial
On the day that Burial “comes out”, let us indulge ourselves in a bit of Archangel.
Taken from the album Untrue
Any keen gamers out there had the pleasure of playing the Murder She Wrote game? You too can solve murders with Jessica Fletcher.

Any keen gamers out there had the pleasure of playing the Murder She Wrote game? You too can solve murders with Jessica Fletcher.

Bellbottoms by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

A blueprint for Jack White (with added sense of humour)

Taken from the album Orange


Artist: Joan Almond, Title: Lighting the Candles, Church of St. Mary, Jerusalem, 1987, 5/35 - click for larger image

Candles by Rufus Wainwright

Lighting the Candles, Church of St. Mary, Jerusalem, 1987 by Joan Almond

Taken from the album Out Of The Game


Organ Eternal by These New Puritans

I mean, it stops you in your tracks, doesn’t it? I was floored the first time I heard it and I’m floored listening to it now. I will be floored when I’m listening to it in ten years time. And I WILL be listening to it in ten years time. 

Sometimes it’s nice to have the wind taken out of your sails.

Goodbye 2013.

Taken from the album Field Of Reeds


You & Me by Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle

To be totally honest, I’ve struggled with the placing of #1 and #2 in the Tuberstrike Best Songs Of 2013. It could even be a tie but that feels a bit of a cop out so I’ve just edged this into second place. Let’s just say, it’s a bloody close second.

It’s probably been quite a fulfilling year for Disclosure. Latch was released and sounded like nothing else in the charts. They followed it with White Noise which made partying sound fun again and went to number two.

Later in the year they released Settle, rightly acclaimed by lots of people as being really good. It is, that rarest of things; a consistently good dance album (consistency and good being the rare elements worthy of a mention). A collection of songs built in but not necessarily about clubbing culture. It reminds me, in spirit of Rooty by Basement Jaxx (if a little more polished).

When A Fire Starts To Burn, Latch, White Noise and Defeated No More should all have made it into the Tubestrike Best Songs Of 2013 and probably would have done if I hadn’t have been a bit conscious about making it a Disclosure love in. I’ve probably been a bit overly mean as a result but opted for my absolute favourite Disclosure release this year. 

It probably shouldn’t matter but Settle happened to be made by people who were 19 and 22 at the time of its release, an amazing achievement given the production standards. There is a reason why Settle is the muso’s dance album of choice in 2013. Contextualise it’s release against the current musical climate - has dance music (EDM?!) ever presented itself as so formulaic, so souless, so dominated by so few? Yes, there is good stuff out there, probably as much as their ever has been in fact but it’s getting harder and harder to wade through the terrible sludge to get to it. That’s what made Settle even more reassuring. My love for You & Me pretty much stems from from luscious synths 1:29 into the song and subsequently repeated throughout. How nice not to battered around the head with a synth line and battered in the nads with a kick drum. Less is quite often more, kids. 

You & Me is a ballad for lovers in an urban city. It’s for those who exchange ring tones not rings, who fall in love against the crackle of pirate radio stations and police sirens not string quartets. It is a last hurrah as I leave a city I love and move into it’s comfortable surroundings, the suburbs; similar to those that gave birth to Disclosure.

Taken from the album Settle.



Where There Are Pixels by Martin Rossiter

I told you I liked this album. A lot. So redesign, recreate and redefine!

Taken from the album The Defenestration Of St Martin


Recover (Cid Rim Remix) by Chvrces

I like it when remixes are better than the original. Exhibit A.

Taken from the single Recover


Sing To The Moon by Laura Mvula

I saw Laura Mvula in New York this summer. It was quite a lovely thing. Why? New musician releases album. Not exactly conventional. Goes to NYC. Probably some sort of record company showcase thing in a couple of cities. Tentatively dipping a toe into America. Crowd goes crazy for her. All in all, a bit of a wonderful night for her. Maybe all New York gigs are like that? Are they New Yorkers?

The highlight for me happened to be my favourite song on her debut album. It makes me think of Bachelorette era Björk. Such a sucker for strings.

Taken from the album Sing To The Moon

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